Financial Responsibilities

  1. Payment and/or copayment is due at time service is rendered.
  2. As a courtesy, the clinic will file your insurance claim (Medicare and Medicaid are not filed by the clinic).  It is the responsibility of the patient to pay the remaining balance.  If the insurance company denies your claim, it is your responsibility to contact your insurance company within 90 days of filing the claim; and you are responsible for paying the balance.
  3. All balances over 60 days, including pending insurance claims, must be payed in order for continued services.  Any payments made to Miller Psychiatry Clinic, Inc. by your insurance company after this date will be refunded to you in the form of a check or account credit.
  4. Your account must remain under $200 at all times.  If the account balance is not resolved within 30 days, your services will be suspended until the balance is paid.
  5. For patients covered under Blue Cross Blue Shield of MS, AHS Network, or Healthlink, only your copayment is required at the time of visit.
  6. For patients covered under any other insurance plan, payment is due in full at time service is rendered.
  7. Any payment received by Miller Psychiatry Clinic, Inc. by an insurance company in excess of fees charged will be refunded to the patient in form of a check or credit to the patient’s account.

No Show Policy

Three missed appointments result in termination from the clinic as an active, continuing patient.  A “no show” appointment means that I either did not show up for my scheduled appointment and/or I failed to notify the clinic of my intent to cancel my appointment within 24 hours of my scheduled appointment.  Monday appointments must be cancelled by noon on the previous Friday.

Patients will be charged $100 if there is a “no show” or a failure to notify the clinic of the cancellation within 24 hours.

Specific Questions?